Sunday, August 1, 2010

Der Strum, KAMMERSPIELE, Muenchen, 26.07.2010

Interesting to see a production done by a company of actors, a show in rep. Despite the fact that my German is quite rough (and indeed not fully understanding the language of course liberates oneto focus in other directions), I thoroughly enjoyed this production, complete with its karaoke, it's kraftwerk vs rammmstein dance offs, it's projections. There was a certain sloth that had snuck its way into the psychophysical score, with actors not really engaging with impulse in a way that would lead to convincing harnessing of action.

LUMINATO and CATR, Toronto, June, 2010

Que le temps passe quand on s'amuse. Brief listing:

Dbi Young piece.
Nina Arsenault Barbie piece
Africa Trilogy: Volcano
Bestland: Rimini Protokoll